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January 20, 2018
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Welcome to My New Site


I would like to welcome all my visitors to my new site.  This website will focus on Stock & Cryptocurrency trading.  I have been trading off and on in the market for over 15 years and have learned more lessons than I care to count.  I have a great perspective on trading which comes from my experience and the mentorship and training I received from a professional trader we will call Steven.

My first attempt at trading was in the early 2000’s when I received a re-enlistment bonus from the Air Force.  I had no idea what I was doing and attempted to trade based on books I read and Jim Cramer from CNBC.  I started off waking up early to listening to conference calls and mostly trading on the hopes of a run due to news or company progression.  Not too long into my trading career I somehow learned about penny stocks and quickly lost my $10,000 account.  I made some trades here and there over the years but losing that much money at such an early age was physiologically hard to deal with.

Years later I made a website ( that focused on me trying to trade $12,000 to $1,000,000 and while initially it was a moderate success it eventually failed.  Rather than penny stocks I actually tried to trade using my past failures but the problem was I didn’t have a style.  I still tried to mix all the possible styles together and couldn’t quite figure out what my time horizon for trades was.  I met my good friend Steven, I believe on or Twitter, as I was starting to flounder and he picked me up in his wings.  He literally re-wired my brain and taught me what trading really was and wasn’t. We spent countless hours on skype everyday going over charts and I attempted to day trade with his help.  I eventually pulled out of the market as my account was slowly draining from me trying to learn.  I went back to work full-time after being out sick for several months.

Here I am today and giving it my third go.  This time I am incorporating everything I have learned, from; technical analysis, risk management, and more.  I hope to share this knowledge with others and help make them successful as I am becoming now.  I also hope to build a strong community of traders that will share trading ideas and knowledge with traders of all skill levels.  I have a burning passion for the stock market and the cryptocurrency market that I know will eventually lead to me becoming a full-time trader in the future.

I hope you enjoy this website and please provide me with feedback from time to time on what I can improve or add.  I have a lot of Educational articles I wrote in the past and plan to add them to the site over time.

Please feel free to follow me on StockTwits, Twitter and/or  I plan to share my trading ideas on this site but those sites will update instantly whereas I work in the field and will be delayed posting here. Profile: Profile: Profile:

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Welcome again,
Mark aka TheBossTrader


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